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The closing date for nominations is 9 September 2014. No entries will be accepted after this date, winners will be notified in early October 2014. Information will not be sent on to any third parties.

Please note that the nomination form and any supporting information will not be returned.  The information may be used for publicity purposes should your nomination be shortlisted. FEI will acknowledge receipt of your nomination form within 14 days.

Choose the category on the ribbon below and make your nominations for the Oscars of the equestrian world!


  • Best Groom, for that important person who works behind the scenes and ensures the horses he or she looks after are given the best possible care.
  • Against All Odds, for a person who has pursued his or her equestrian ambitions despite a physical handicap or extremely difficult personal circumstances.
  • Rising Star, for a person aged 14 to 21 who demonstrates outstanding sporting talent and commitment.
  • FEI Solidarity, for an FEI Solidarity or equestrian development project, an individual or organisation that has demonstrated skill, dedication and energy in expanding the sport.
  • Best Athlete, for the athlete (equine or human) or combination that, over the past year, has demonstrated exceptional skill in the arena and taken the sport to a new level.

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